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Reading Schedule

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What's It All About?
  • One School, One Book is a program that involves everyone – students, teachers, custodians, administrators, secretaries, paraprofessionals, the school nurse, cafeteria staff, and parents – all reading the same book!

  • Students will receive their own copies of the book along with the reading schedule at a school-wide assembly in October.  The title will be a surprise until that morning!  We want you to know that the book is at a 5th grade reading level, but it is a book that people of all ages will enjoy!
  • Please set aside about 15 minutes each night to read the book as a family.  Younger students are not expected to be able to read the book, so you will need to read it to them or log on to this site to have them listen to an Edgewood staff member read it.
  • Each morning students will have the opportunity to answer a trivia question about the previous night's chapter.  Of those who answered correctly, one winner will be drawn each day from each grade level to receive a prize!
  • The clues about our mystery book have started to appear around Edgewood School and students are beginning to guess what our book will be this year.  
  • This website will post the daily trivia question and answer and also an  audio link to the current chapter read by one of our Edgewood staff members.

One School, One Book

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Our one school one book 2019-2020 is...